Special Edition Soap

Our Special Edition Soap Sets come 4 to a set.  They are our own special creations, with more to come!  See Samples Below.


Click the Pricing Sheet link (PDF 633 kb) about how to set up what you want to order.


See our many other choices of soaps besides the soaps listed on the Pricing Sheet and Online Order Form; contact us for suggestions.


If you need a set of your own for retail, fundraising, gifts, etc, contact us for a personalized Limited Edition Set or Have Fun Set to be made with your design and soap scent specifications!


Current Special Editions Available   All gift soap Special Edition Sets have 4 corresponding images and scents that will catch your eye, nose, and feelings to make a complete set!:


  • Jacksonville Florida Gift Soap Set

  • Valentines/Love Gift Soap Set

  • I Survived Florida Gift Soap Set

  • Church Greetings Gift Soap Set